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Azure Marble Elegance 20z Stainless Steel Tumbler

Azure Marble Elegance 20z Stainless Steel Tumbler

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Introducing the "Azure Marble Elegance Tumbler" – a new masterpiece in BBPD's collection, where the tranquility of the ocean meets the luxury of marble. This 20oz stainless steel tumbler is an embodiment of sophistication, designed for those who appreciate the serene beauty of nature and the opulent patterns of marble artistry.

The Azure Marble Elegance Tumbler features a captivating design with a harmonious blend of white and grey tones, set against the backdrop of light, bright blue and deeper shades of azure. Accents of gold and dark hues intertwine within this marble-style pattern, creating an effect that is both soothing and majestic. Each tumbler is a unique expression of art, reminiscent of the serene depths of the ocean and the boundless sky.

Crafted with the same commitment to quality and sustainability that defines all BBPD products, this tumbler not only keeps your beverages at the ideal temperature for extended periods but also serves as a testament to your taste for refined elegance. Whether it's part of your daily routine or accompanying you on adventures, the Azure Marble Elegance Tumbler is more than just a container for your drinks; it's a symbol of style and a conduit for peace and reflection.

Immerse yourself in the serene beauty of the Azure Marble Elegance Tumbler, exclusively available at BBPD. Elevate your hydration experience and surround yourself with the calming energies of the ocean's hues and the timeless allure of marble.

Enjoy hot or cold drinks on the go with this stylish stainless steel tumbler! This reusable tumbler with a metal straw is a perfect combo for hot or cold drinks at any time of the day.

• High-grade stainless steel tumbler
• 20 oz (600 ml)
• Tumbler size: 3.11″ × 8.42″ (7.9 cm × 21.4 cm)
• Straw and lid included with the tumbler
• A cylindrical shape (top to bottom)

Disclaimer: Not dishwasher or microwave safe. Hand-wash only.

Size guide

  WIDTH (inches) LENGTH (inches)
20 oz 2 ⅞ 8 ⅜
  WIDTH (cm) LENGTH (cm)
20 oz 7.4 21.4
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