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Sandalwood with Green Fluorite Crystal Candle 450g

Sandalwood with Green Fluorite Crystal Candle 450g

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 Transform your surroundings with our celebrated Sandalwood with Green Fluorite Crystal Candle. With its spiced notes of freshly crushed cardamom on a base of creamy, almost-floral guaiac wood. Hand-poured and combining our familiar Oud Wood and Jasmine & Honeysuckle Premium Fragrance oils to make the perfect fusion.

All our candles are made of Soy Wax in our signature matte black branding case. We pride ourselves at BBPD by creating unique, sustainable and connected products. The candle comes with a wooden wick that allows for a more even burn.

The candle is the perfect gift or compliment your home decor with this unique scent.


* Handmade

* Shipped from our small business

* Wick: Wooden

* Burn time: > 48 hours

* Candle weight: 507g (exc. box)

Includes a personal affirmation.

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