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Lime & Basil with Green Fluorite Crystal Candle 450g

Lime & Basil with Green Fluorite Crystal Candle 450g

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Transform your surroundings with our unique Lime & Basil with Green Fluorite Crystal hand-poured Candle. This summer-inspired scent boasts notes of refreshing citrus and peppery basil for a delightful, airy aroma reminiscent of a Caribbean sea breeze. This luxurious scented candle guarantees to create an inviting atmosphere in any room. Fused with our beloved White Jasmine & Mint Premium Fragrance oil, this is a must have for every home.

All our candles are made of Soy Wax in our signature matte black branding case. . The candle comes with a wooden wick that allows for a more even burn.

The candle is the perfect gift or compliment your home decor with this unique scent.

* Wick: Wooden

* Candle weight: 507g (exc. box)

Includes a personal affirmation.

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