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Crystal resin Agate coasters (6 PER SET)

Crystal resin Agate coasters (6 PER SET)

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Irregular shaped natural salt coasters. We offer a unique six set of coasters (unlike the traditional 4 set).

These stunning natural agate resin coasters are polished to reveal their naturally occurring patterned rings. They have natural imperfections, which add to their character and appeal. Unlike crystals that naturally break down, our coasters are reinforced with resin to ensure they retain their beautiful shape and vibrancy.

Each piece is unique and expertly handcrafted, so no two coasters are the same. 

Please note: Not all coasters are the same size and may contain natural imperfections. The coasters come in a stunning gift box which makes it the perfect gift!

Dimensions: Approximately 8-10cm. 

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