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CalmLit Library: Stress Relief Sensory Book shelf with Miniature Books

CalmLit Library: Stress Relief Sensory Book shelf with Miniature Books

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Product Description

Introducing the CalmLit Library, a unique stress relief sensory desk toy designed to shake away your anxiety and provide a moment of calm. This charming wooden bookshelf, filled with approximately 200 miniature folded books, invites you to organize and shake them as you wish, creating a different experience each time. It's more than just a toy; it's a visual retreat from daily stress and a playful way to vent frustrations.

Open the display case cabinet holder to arrange the miniature books in any order, or give it a shake to start fresh. The diverse collection of colorful books and parody covers adds a touch of humor and charm, making it a captivating desk decoration. Whether for the office or home, it’s a delightful addition that brings both beauty and a sense of calm.

Key Features:

  • Stress Relief: Shake the miniature books to release stress and anxiety, providing a therapeutic and calming experience.
  • Interactive Design: Arrange and reorganize the books for a new look each time, keeping your mind engaged and relaxed.
  • Captivating Decor: Adds a unique and colorful touch to any desk or shelf with its vibrant miniature books and charming parody covers.
  • Thoughtful Gift: Perfect for book lovers, art collectors, or anyone in need of a stress-relief tool. Makes a meaningful and joyful present.

Gift your friends, family, or even yourself the joy of relaxation with the CalmLit Library. It's a unique, thoughtful, and practical gift that offers a fun and engaging way to shake away worries and enjoy a moment of peace.

Product Specification:

Color: Antique Wood Color

Weight: 0.9kg

Material: Wood

Size: 20.32 x 7.62 x 25.4 cm

Number of Mini Books: 200


Package Inclusion:

1 x Mini Bookshelf

200 x Mini Books

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