BBPD x Raflin

BBPD & Raflin FAQs

What is Raflin?
Raflin offers a novel way to shop, allowing you to buy a ticket and win either your entire cart or a multiple of your ticket value back as bonus store credit. Instantly! Everybody wins!

How does Raflin work with BBPD?
While browsing BBPD, you'll have the option to buy a Raflin ticket on the product page or the cart page. If you decide to buy a ticket, a pop-up will show the ticket price, the cart value, and the potential bonus store credit you could win. Once you purchase a Raflin ticket, you'll immediately learn whether you've won the entire cart value or bonus store credit for BBPD. A link in the confirmation redirects you back to BBPD, with a discount code automatically added to your cart at checkout

What is the bonus store credit?
The bonus store credit is added to the value of the ticket price you purchase. It could be the value of the entire cart or a predetermined multiple of the ticket price. The bonus credit is valid for 14 days after the ticket purchase, after which the bonus part of the store credit is removed, and the credit value reverts to the original ticket value.

How do I buy a Raflin ticket?
You can buy a ticket through the BBPD store where Raflin is available. The ticket price equals 5% of the value of the cart

Can I use my store credit on any priced item?
No, there is an attached minimum spend that matches the cart value on which the ticket was purchased

Where is my store credit?
Your store credit is stored in your Raflin wallet. You will also receive an email with your store credit code

What is a Raflin wallet?
A Raflin wallet is a private digital wallet that keeps all of your store credits in one location so you can access and use these when you want to

How do I use my Raflin credit?
After purchasing a Raflin ticket, you are instantly redirected back to the BBPD checkout to complete the purchase. If you want to complete the purchase later, you can click on the link in your wallet or the email which will direct you back to the checkout.

Is Raflin safe?
Yes, Raflin keeps your personal details secure and its links are fully encrypted

Can I get a refund?
Raflin ticket purchases are final and non-refundable as the outcome of the ticket is determined instantly

What payment methods does Raflin support?
Accepted payment methods can be found at the checkout/payment page

I have a technical issue, what do I do?
Please email and they will endeavour to resolve your issue ASAP.


Please note that I based this information on the Raflin FAQs page from another site, as I was not able to find specific information about the BBPD and Raflin partnership on the BBPD website. Make sure to confirm and adjust the details as needed to match your store's policies and practices.