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Discover the unique properties of Crystals

It's time we discover the unique properties of crystals. When you visit a healing center, you'll see that they often utilize the power of rose quartz and citrine to heal and calm their patients. We're going to take a good look at these crystals and review some interesting /unknown facts − like the fact that citrine is a cheap alternative to diamonds.

Rose Quartz: This is a stone of unconditional love and the motherly aspect of the goddess. It promotes self-love and can help you to better understand why you are here and what your divine purpose is. It helps you to be more open to receiving love, as well as to give it without fear of rejection. This is an excellent stone for those who have suffered abuse or trauma in their life, and also for those who have trouble accepting their own personal power. Rose quartz is a wonderful stone for children, especially if they have emotional or behavioral issues that need addressing. The loving energy of rose quartz will help them heal on all levels and bring them back into balance again.


Citrine: This is a happy go lucky crystal that helps to attract abundance into one’s life! Citrine is known as the merchant’s stone which means it will draw wealth in all areas including financial, career, business ventures etc.. It helps one develop good business sense along with intuition so that financial decisions may be made wisely. Citrine also has strong healing properties so it can be used as a balancer on all levels especially physical, mental/emotional & spiritual levels.

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