Discover Holistic Wellness with Muse Crystals and More at BBPD

Discover Holistic Wellness with Muse Crystals and More at BBPD

In the heart of Newcastle, New South Wales,  lies a treasure trove for holistic wellness and self-discovery - BBPD.

Our serene haven invites you to explore a fine collection of Muse Crystals, healing crystals, and a myriad of other wellness products that resonate with the essence of natural health. Every item in our range is curated to foster spiritual healing and personal growth, heralding a journey towards inner serenity. Uncover the mystical allure of our Crystals that have become a beacon for crystal enthusiasts far and wide. Their natural vibrance and restorative energies are not just visually appealing, but a catalyst for personal growth and self-realisation.

Indulge in the aromatic bliss of our selection of Aromatherapy, Potions & Incense. Our scented products and essential oils are perfect companions for a meditative evening or a peaceful morning ritual. The calming fragrances, paired with the gentle flicker of incense, create a sanctuary of tranquility in your own home.


Our boscalite water bottles are not just a statement of aesthetic appeal but a companion in your pursuit of holistic wellness.  They are a testament to the age-old wisdom of crystal therapy, each piece designed to harmonize the energies around you. We invite you to shop online and browse through our extensive collection. Our e-store is a portal to a realm where every item is a step towards natural health and wellbeing. From Healing stones to crystal delights, the variety is as endless as the benefits they harbor.


At BBPD, we're more than just a Crystal Store. We're a Knowledge Hub brimming with insights and information to nurture your curiosity. Our Crystal blog and Learning portal are rich with resources for both seasoned gem admirers and those new to the world of crystal healing. Whether you're in Australia or anywhere else, our online shopping platform brings the magic of BBPD right to your doorstep. The path to holistic wellness is but a click away. Venture into a world where nature's bounty meets spiritual nourishment, and let the voyage of self-discovery begin. Connect with a community of Stone aficionados at our Loganholme store or delve into our online realm of Mystical Products. At BBPD, every crystal, every fragrance, and every product is a step towards a life more harmonious. Explore Our Collection today and embrace the world of holistic wellness that awaits. 

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